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The Neurosurgical Association of Malaysia (NAM) was formed on 26th April 2001. It has also been officially affiliated with the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS) based in Geneva, Switzerland as the representative of all Malaysian Neurosurgeons since the 16th September 2001. NAM plans to be actively involved in all postgraduate activities and conferences both at local, national and international level involving both neurosurgical basic and clinical sciences.

Historical beginnings with WFNS

The Neurosurgical Association Malaysia held its Inaugural Annual General Meeting on 16th June 2001. At the Annual General Meeting, the issue of affiliation with the WFNS was deliberated upon. We strongly felt the Neurosurgery Association Malaysia should be the rightful representative with the WFNS. This decision was endorsed by the Neurosurgical Association Malaysia, at its Executive Council Meeting Held on 21st July 2001. The Council also endorsed the nomination of Professor Dr. Jafri Malin who was the Secretary of the Association then, as the official delegate to the WFNS meeting in Sydney, September 2001.  At that Executive Council meeting on 21st July 2001, Dr. Veerapen supported the nomination of Professor Dr. Jafri Malin in his stead as the official Delegate for WFNS.

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