ACNS 2010

8th Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons
incorporating the 1st Asian Neurosurgical Nursing Congress.

Successfully concluded. 
Information in this page is for archival purposes only (website: ACNS2010)

Asian and International Faculty

Guest of Honor

Prof. Peter M. Black
WFNS President

Plenary Speakers

Prof. Amin Kassam

Prof. Christian

Prof. Eric M. Massicotte

Prof. Basant K.Misra

Prof. Michael Morgan
(Sydney, Australia)

Prof. Hughes Duffau

Prof. Atul Goel 

Prof. Junichi Mizuno

Prof. Tetsuo Kanno

Prof. Yoko Kato

Prof. J. André
(The Netherlands)

Prof Huang Hongyun

Prof Gavin Fabinyi

Prof. Geoffery Raisman

Prof. Russell J 
Andrews (USA)

Prof. Hirotoshi Sano

1st Asian Neurosurgical Nursing Congress Speakers:

Masayu Jamaliah

Lim Su-Fee

Rebecca Sumathy Bai

Confirmed Speaker List & ACNS International vice-presidents

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